Our goal, our purpose as an independent publisher is a little different to that of many mainstream publishers. We don’t have the capital to give our authors big advances for their work, or the desire to take a rough and ready manuscript then change and edit it so that it appeals to a large a section of the reading public as it can, and then to publish and promote it on behalf of the author in exchange for the vast majority of the royalties.

No,¬†our aim is to support and enable authors to write the books and stories they want to write with the minimum of influence from us. The nature of the help and support we offer will be spelled out in more detail a bit later on, but right now we’re working at full capacity so aren’t¬†currently able to accept submissions from any new authors.

Hopefully we’ll have the capacity to consider submissions from new authors in the next financial year 2018/19.

In the meantime, please watch this space.